About us

The Mediterranean Institute for Investigative Reporting (MIIR) is a non profit organization that was founded in January 2019 with the aim of contributing towards the creation of an investigative journalism ecosystem in Greece as well as the wider area of the Mediterranean. 

At the core of our philosophy lie the principles and ethics of independent, speaking-truth-to-power journalism. Transparency, co-operation, interaction and an approach of constant education both of journalists and the public, are fundamental elements of our organization.

MIIR’s investigations are provided free of charge to the general public. The organization does not accept any kind of advertisements whatsoever and publishes the sources of its funding on a regular basis.

Amidst an environment of crisis and a largely discredited journalistic profession, MIIR’s team aspires to be a change of paradigm, guided by solid, trustworthy and independent journalism, with a distinct focus of scrutinizing power in order to defend the public interest.

Meet the Team


Kostas Zafeiropoulos

Kostas is an investigative journalist for one of Greece’s biggest newspapers, “Efimerida ton Sintakton” (Journalists’ Journal), where he writes feature stories, conducts interviews and investigative reporting. He was a core member of the documentary series “Erevna” (Mega TV). He recently attended Columbia Journalism School’s intensive “Summer Investigative Reporting Course” (SIRC) in New York through a fellowship offered by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. In 2017 he was the recipient of the esteemed “Eleni Vlachou” Greek-German Award for journalism. In 2019 he was the recipient of the Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence (BFJE). 


Elvira Krithari

Elvira is a journalist and producer for Greek and foreign media. Currently, she is the chief editor of the online magazine Solomon MAG. Her work has been featured in “Osservatorio Balcani e Caucaso”, “Athens Live” and “De Correspondent”, among others. In 2017 she was granted a full scholarship by the SNF to attend the “Summer Investigative Reporting Course”, at Columbia University. She holds an MA in Digital Media and Interaction Environments from the University of Athens, and an MA in Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development from Panteion University.


Nikos Morfonios

With 16 years of experience working for the daily “AVGI”, a well-known and established Greek national newspaper, Nikos is specialised in covering public administration. He has extensively covered issues pertaining to immigration, human rights, nationalism and racism. In 2017 he attended the Summer Investigative Reporting course (SIRC) at Columbia Journalism School in New York, as a recipient of a Stavros Niarchos Foundation Fellowship. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media from the University of Athens.


Janine Louloudi

Janine is a journalist and producer with strong experience in the field of documentary and news-production, as well as online journalism. Over the past year she has worked as a freelance producer -most recently as a line-producer for the documentary “Citizen Europe” (ARTE)- and also as an editor for FortuneGreece. Before that she held the position of editor-in-chief & production coordinator of the current affairs programme “Horizon” (Mega TV), and of the awarded international documentary programme, “War Zone” (Mega TV). Between 2004-2008 she worked as a researcher and assistant producer at “Reportage Without Frontiers” (ERT). She has conducted filming assignments around the world and has also worked extensively as a field producer in Greece for major international news outlets (Channel 4 News, BBC Radio). In the summer of 2018 she participated at Columbia Journalism School’s intensive “Summer Investigative Reporting Course” on a fellowship from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. She is a graduate student of the Faculty of Communications and Media Studies of the University of Athens, where she also completed an MA in Political Communication & New Media Technologies.


Maria Sidiropoulou

A journalist and producer, Maria has worked for the investigative current-affairs programme “Histories” on SKAI TV, since 2014. She has also worked as a freelance producer for several foreign news agencies such as CGTN, CBS, NPR, and has also contributed to documentary series for ARTE and VICE Greece. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, Cultural Administration and Media from Panteion University in Athens, and an MA in Documentary Production from the Aegean University. She was a recipient of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation scholarship to attend the intensive 2017 “Video Journalism Course” at Columbia Journalism School, in New York, and was selected to attend the “Reporting on Human Trafficking and Migration” workshop, organised by Thomson Reuters Foundation, the very same year. 


Ilias Stathatos

Ilias is a data journalism specialist. He has worked in numerous independent print and online media, as a roaming reporter, an international news journalist, and as a labor editor. He was London correspondent for the Greek newspaper “To Vima”, and also a contributor to investigative journalism outlets based in New York City and Washington DC. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Panteion University and a Master of Arts in Investigative Reporting from Birkbeck, University of London. Ilias is also recipient of the “Google Investigative Fellowship” awarded by the University of London in partnership with Google. In 2018, he was awarded the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Fellowship, upon selection by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He completed the intensive, four month-long “Lede” program for data journalism, offered by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, in which he trained in coding, visualisations, algorithms, statistics and machine learning.