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You are browsing to MIIR’s Website and digital content. MIIR (“MIIR”, “we”, “us”, “our”) is a Social Cooperative Enterprise, under the legal name


and the distinctive logo:

, based in Athens, Greece.

MIIR is a journalism organization with independent, investigative journalism defending the public interest set as its core purpose.

One of the main goals of MIIR is to function as an example of professional practices, in order to re-establish the basic statutory principles of public-interest journalism through independent and combative journalism, persistent, cross-cutting research, the usage of innovative technological research tools and visualization technologies.

The team’s ambition is to contribute to the creation of an investigative journalism ecosystem in Greece and the Mediterranean, despite the long-existing crisis and discrediting of the industry in the region.

MIIR’s vision is the domination of a journalistic paradigm that holds to account and exposes the bad practices of those in power, constantly keeping checks on the economically powerful and defending the interests of the wider society. The team is working for this purpose, adopting a bottom-up approach, where feedback and collaboration with citizens has a key role in its content.

MIIR considers journalism as a practice that cannot be confined by national borders and recognizes the impact decisions of various power centres can have on people in distant lands. As a result, the organisationis focusing its remit on the wider Mediterranean region, where a multitude of crises overlap, journalists are censored, persecuted and their very lives are often under threat.

MIIR aspires to be a member of international journalistic networks, to play a leading role in its area of remit and in the long run to develop along with its journalistic content, an educational function, co-operating with journalists and citizens who understand that the way the media operate is an indicator of the quality of a democracy

In order to accomplish our legal purposes, we can develop commercial, for-profit activities, including, but not limited to, producing and distributing multimedia content to third parties; undertaking projects related to our objectives; providing data, reportages and services to other media; cooperating with relevant organisations and institutions by providing education, know-how and technological expertise regarding independent, investigative journalism or by jointly carrying out research and productions; providing technological tools (e.g. software) to evaluate information and detect plagiarism, fake news and other malicious ways of handling information; hosting, organising or contributing to events and workshops.

MIIR’s financial model safeguards its independence. It rejects the traditional model of generating revenue through advertising and does not accept financial support from private companies and political parties. It aims to secure resources from institutions and organizations that do not interfere with its content and seeks to maintain its long-term viability by public contributions. For this reason, it adopts the principle of financial transparency by publishing its sources of revenue.

In order to disseminate our content and inform you about our activity and forthcoming events or productions, we run the website under the registered domain name “miir.gr”. Our website is linked to our channels, accounts and pages in third parties’ websites and social media(Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Medium, PayPal) through distinct active links-icons or connections. If you access any MIIR’s digital content, you are entering into a binding contractwith MIIR and you are taken to have agreed to these terms of use and our privacy policy.



We summarise the values of our institute to the following principles:

  1. We conduct primary research.
  2. We responsibly inform you about the outcomes of our investigations and our opinions. You will always be able to understand the difference between the two.
  3. We offer you cross-examined information. We always reconfirm our sources.
  4. Independency is MIIR’s keystone. The research, methodology, funding and decision-making practices of our institute ensure our independency.
  5. We deny support and offers that jeopardise our integrity.
  6. We do not conduct research on demand of political parties, private companies or any other legal entity or natural person serving relevant interests.
  7. We provide our services without discrimination on the basis of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, religion or other beliefs, gender identity, gender characteristics, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital, family or social status, sexual orientation.
  8. We supportequality in work and promote pluralism on methodology, research interests and content in our team.
  9. We make every effort to challenge the established poor working conditions in our sector.
  10. We believe in transparency and accountability; thus, we inform you about MIIR’s funding resources.
  11. We respect and protect our sources/informants. MIIR’s team is bound by the professional secrecy. Weenjoy the right to withhold the source of our information from judicial or other governmental inquiry. We never share information about our sources with legal entities or natural persons.
  12. We are committed to well-documented investigative journalism that resists misrepresentation, plagiarism, fabrication and fake-news.

Our research, activity, methodology, dissemination modes and content are bound by the principles and guidelines established by the Journalists’ Union of Athens Daily Newspapers and the Global Charter of Ethics for Journalists, as they stand.

MIIR makes every effort to ensure that the comments that accompany its content in third parties’ websites and social media enable dialogue and freedom of expression, without violating its ethics and principles. Offensive, racist, sexist, malicious or abusive comments will be removed from MIIR’s channels, accounts and pages as soon as reasonably possible.


Minor Visitors/Users of our Website/Digital Content

The online content of MIIR includes reporting, multimedia material,(text, image, audio, video, graphics) which is not, generally, inappropriate for minor users, in accordance with European directives and the national, Greek law (article 7a, L 2251/1994 and article 10 of the Code of Consumer Ethics, PD 10/2017). Content inappropriate for minors is accompanied by warning signs. In any case, the use of our website by minor users presupposes parental consent.


Privacy Policy -Confidentiality

Please consult the relevant section of our website regarding our Privacy Policy.


Intellectual Property

Please note that MIIR’s website and digital content, including, without limitation, its publications (text, image, audio or video), functionality, website design, connected content in third parties’ websites and social media, logo, distinctive title, terms of use and privacy policy is copyright protected and remain its property. Your access and use of our material, does not grant or transfer to you any rights, title or interest in relation to our website or our content. You must not copy, translate, modify, exploit or use any of our content for commercial or non-profit purposes, without our written permission. When you reproduce or distribute our contentyou must always mention MIIR and the name of the specific creator from our team as the primary source of the aforementioned material.

We never copy, translate, modify, or exploit copyright protected material for commercial or for-profit purposes. Given our objectives, any use, reproduction or distribution of copyrighted material always incorporates the source.



MIIR’s website and digital content includes creative and informative material which is open to criticism.In creating our content, we promote freedom of expression and we encourage our team to systematically practice this freedom. However, visitors use this content on their own initiative and MIIR’s website and digital content in third parties’ websites and social media, in no way constitutes, directly or indirectly, a suggestion for action or omission.

The views and opinions expressed by people in interviews and comments included in MIIR’s website and digital content are personal and do not necessarily reflectMIIR’s position, official policy or approach.

MIIR is not responsible for the widercontent of third parties’ websites and social media through which it presentsand circulates its digital content. MIIR does not control and is not legally responsible for the way third parties operate their websites. Visiting our channels, accounts, profiles and pages in third parties’ websites and social media is also subject to the terms of use and the Privacy Policy of the relevant platforms.

Collaborators, funding institutions or any other legal entity acting in synergy with MIIRdo not participate in MIIR’s decision making, do not control MIIR’s website and digital content and have absolutely no legal responsibility for it.


Contact MIIR

For us, communication and interaction with the users of our mediaarecrucial. Building a bottom-up communication network consists a pillar of our approach, regarding journalism.

For this reason, we encourage you to share your ideas and information with us and help us enrich and improve our approaches, investigations, tools, methodology and digital environment. We invite you to express your opinion on our content and activities, your critique or complaints, to share information and ideas for further research. MIIR’s teamhonestly appreciates your view and welcomes your feedback. We are always committed to respecting your privacy and not disclosing the identity of our informants and sources.

Contact details: [email protected]

The use of MIIR’s Website and Digital content and the above terms of use are governed by the Greek laws, the European Union law on personal data (GDPR) and any related international treaties. These terms constitute an agreement between MIIR and its website visitors or the users of its digital content. We reserve the right to modify and renew the above termsat any time and at our discretion. For this reason, we ask thevisitors of our website and the users of our digitalcontent to check for possible changes. The use of MIIR’s website and digital content presupposes the understanding and overall acceptance of the current Terms of Useand ourPrivacy Policy.

Thank you for your trust and support.


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