Trapped in Darkness: Women in Europe remain defenseless against gender-based violence

A new cross-border data investigation by MIIR reveals gaps in the registration of femicides in Europe and Greece and the ineffective protection of women against crimes of sexual, physical, psychological and economic violence over the last decade.

The hidden agenda behind the Recovery and Resilience Facility

The hidden agenda behind the Recovery and Resilience Facility

Member countries will be continuously assessed for meeting targets and reforms in order to receive their share of the recovery fund. If European governments do not comply with the agreed recovery plan, the purse strings will be tightened.   Text - Research: Nikos...

Trapped in Paradise

Trapped in Paradise

  THE DARK FACE OF THE GREEK TOURISM INDUSTRYPosted workers in the EU: how letterbox companies based in Bulgaria are getting awaywith overworked, underdeclared and underpaid workers in Greek hotels.A months-long cross-border investigation about the hotel industry. By...

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