Trapped in Darkness: Women in Europe remain defenseless against gender-based violence

A new cross-border data investigation by MIIR reveals gaps in the registration of femicides in Europe and Greece and the ineffective protection of women against crimes of sexual, physical, psychological and economic violence over the last decade.

Alexander the Bot

Alexander the Bot

From ‘ghost users’ to ‘cyborg bots’, a birn investigation shows how nationalists in north macedonia, greece and beyond are unleashing automated armies on social media to rally the masses. Kostas Zafeiropoulos | Bitola, Skopje, Athens | BIRN Date of publication:...

Tweets on the Dark Side of the Web

Tweets on the Dark Side of the Web

Tweets on the Dark Side of the Web Human and robots in the industry of political propaganda Research: Kostas Zafeiropoulos, Elvira Krithari, Janine Louloudi, Nikos Morfonios, Maria Sidiropoulou, Ilias Stathatos. This research was conducted in collaboration with...

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